Infinio project

The secret of the Infinio sculpture is the hypnotic energy released by the marbles rolling on the steel structure. This force can seduce the viewer’s eyesight, engaging the mind to analyze the essence of this seemingly obvious movement. The subtle looping of the whole gives a sense of magic and life hidden in the sculpture.

Infinio is an artistic project consisting in creating a perfect kinetic sculpture that introduces peace and harmony to the environment. The installation can naturally fill a space, giving it a magical symmetry. The appearance of Infinio is the result of a process of evolution and improvement of the sculpture. In the end, we’ve managed to give the metal tracks that subtle elegance and simplicity.

Each structure is an independent artistic sculpture made individually and having its own character and inner soul. All Infinio installations are prepared manually with the utmost care and attention. Thanks to this, all Infinio projects have their individual artistic and visual values that distinguish them

Kinetic sculpture

Infinio is a classic handmade kinetic sculpture that belongs to the trend of modern art.


Each structure is a separate artistic project and is made individually.

Inner strength

The inner strength of the installation fascinates and also releases energy that brings peace and harmony to the environment.


Kinetic sculptures are very rare decorative elements. They make a very strong impression on viewers, catching their eyes and surprising them with freshness.


All elements are prepared, formed and connected by hand with the utmost attention to the smallest details.


Infinio sculptures are delivered with an individual certificate confirming their authenticity and hand-made.


Depending on the mood, we can change the dynamics of the sculpture's impact on the environment. With the full amount of marbles on the track, the sculpture has a stimulating effect. Leaving just one marle on the track gives us a calming effect.


There are two color variants of the Infinio installation. The first with black metal parts and white marbles, the second with silver metal parts and blue marbles.


The installations are signed with the Infinio logo placed on the wooden base of the sculpture. Optionally, a personalized graphic sign can be placed in this place.