Frequently Asked Questions

"The simplest things are the hardest to ask ..."

how the infinio sculpture is built?

Infinio is an artistic metal structure set on an oak monolith which marbles move. The sculpture is powered by an electric motor powered from a standard electrical outlet. The dimensions of the structure including the base are: width 39 cm, depth 23 cm, height 33 cm.

The colors

The infinio sculpture is available in two color variants.

Option 1 – Infinio of black color with white marbles

Option 2 – Infinio of silver color with blue glass marbles

What's included in the kit

The whole set includes: sculpture; power supply; set of marbles; certificate; wooden transport box.

Order time

The order fulfillment time is approximately 3 weeks. Remember that everything is handmade. The final date is set individually when confirming the order.

Delivery method and cost

The installation is packed to ensure its complete safety. After unpacking and connecting the power, you can put the marbles on the track.

The chest with the sculpture can be shipped anywhere in the world with the help of a courier company. The delivery cost is estimated individually for each order.

Price and ordering method

The price of the Infinio sculpture is 699 euro.

Please order by e-mail at The order should include the type of color version and the delivery address. After receiving your message, you will receive an order confirmation with the specified time for the construction of the sculpture and the cost of delivery.

The document will contain the order number and the bank account to which the payment should be made. After making the payment, the process of creating an individual sculpture begins.

Additional questions

If you have any questions that are not answered, please feel free to send them to:

Additional set of marbles

Optionally, it is possible to buy an additional set of marbles at a price of € 10 per set.